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“These are pristine beans. And basically perfectly fermented. The first aroma I get is of soft leather, like a supple piece of deer skin. Buttery almost. With that comes along bright dried fruits. And what I mean by that is that it is like the fruits in question (slightly indefinable) were bright (like raspberry, or tangy grape) before they were dried and some of that comes though, but subdued.

WampusirpiThat light, soft leather stays with the chocolate in the flavor, along with an almost milk like softness, with layers of that concentrated sweetness you get in caramel and dried fruits.

In particular I get very light banana and bing cherry. There is a very slight, balancing astringency but no particular bitterness to speak of.

In the finish I find an almost ‘mocha’ like flavor – not really coffee but that synergistic melding of coffee and chocolate which lends a satisfying richness to the whole flavor profile.”

John Nanci
Chocolate Alchemy